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I was with B-1/327 in 67-68, and damn near all of us wore these medallions regardless of religious preference. Was it still the same when you were there? The reason I ask is that I finally (after only 34 years!) succeeded in acquiring a sterling silver replica of it, and was wondering if it would be worth the hassle of trying to pressure the guy that did the job (a 1st Cav artillery officer, no less) into making some more if other 327 dudes would like one. The piece is downright beautiful, but the silver is so reflective it doesn’t scan worth nothin’). The piece is excellent; the price is $125.00 each with chain and includes “free” standard shipping and handling through the USPS within the Continental US.

For the history of the Jumping Mary Medal, click on this link:


1 review for Medallion – Jumping Mary

  1. Robert J. Sitek

    I was with D Co. 1/501 pereect medallion and have purchased medallion before10

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