No Slack

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Written by our own C – 2/327 Infantry Brother, Richard Bathurst.

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     The Choppers came in at tree top level and the door
gunners sprayed the tree line on both side with their 60s.
No return fire. Three feet from the ground I saw
Campbell step on the Chopper Skid and jump. He was
five yards away before I could move. I struggled forward
with that damn Ruck on and was out. The ground was
soft and wet; it had been raining. I was knee deep in mush
and couldn’t move. Then the Chopper’s skid pushed me
deeper to my waist as it came down. The rest of the men
were out and running toward the perimeter. “Hey help
me!” With the blast of the Chopper rotor no one could
hear me yelling for help … …

Thus began the first day of the Viet Nam war for a twenty
year old “cherry” from Pensacola, Florida. Follow his
transition from and idealistic southern youth to a battle-
hardened cynic and his struggle to reconcile his survival
amidst all the death he saw. Witness his post-war battle
with PTSD and his fight with the government he
faithfully served. While “NO SLACK” is one man’s
story, it is also the story of thousands of young Americans
who answered their country’s call and later felt betrayed
and unappreciated by those they faithfully served.
F.T. Ratchford, Jr. Attorney At Law

4 reviews for No Slack

  1. Dale Hansen

    Richard Bathurst’s “No Slack”, is in part his story of growing up in Pensacola, Florida with many of the same challenges young boys encounter with lifelong friendships, to fighting, to skirmishes with the law. I found Richard’s style of writing very interesting and it kept me reading on and on. One minute he is jumping off his bicycle and battling Garden Spiders (or at least their webs) and the next he is describing searching a tunnel for NVA in Vietnam with flashbacks of Garden Spiders and his fear of them.

    Many times throughout the book are old, sometimes terrorizing, memories of walking point, fire fights, hunting elephants and training FNGs. These are doors for Richard that at times only open briefly, just to be slammed shut again for one that saw more than his share of misery and death.

    His battles didn’t terminate with DEROS but continue. PTSD is real and devastating, especially when the country you love, the country you fought for, the country that was responsible for so many of your brothers in arms to never return home, turns its back on you.

    Dale Hansen

  2. Bill Ferguson

    I am not one who does a lot of autobiography reading but I found myself not being able to put Richards book down. No Slack demonstrates that there is truly no substitute for class, character, integrity, loyalty and honor. It is those characteristics that make both the book and Sargeant Bathurst 5 star. I missed Vietnam by 12 or 13 years. After reading what Richard endured for his brothers and our country, I have a new respect for not only him but for all who served in Vietnam. There is absolutely no doubt that it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight and heart of the dog. Richard was certainly a Big Dog in the fight. After reading No Slack, I know if I were in a war, I would want him in my foxhole. I encourage anyone who needs or wants to be inspired to read this awesome book about one of America’s finest.

  3. Danielle Collins

    Great book!! I highly recommend this book to everyone!

  4. Linda Lyons

    Bravo brother Richard. Thank you so much for your honesty in all things, and they format that you used to take us through some of your life, and your combat experiences. I think each highschool, public library etc should have a copy of your book…..folks just can’t understand the day to day…so many feel it must be like scout camp, and how wrong they are.
    A man of character, values, ups and downs….thank you for your service.

    A book, a mans story that is worth reading, as you meet a man you want as a friend/brother. No Slack.

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