Toll of War/Vietnam

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Toll of War – Erick

You don’t see what I see, When you gaze at your reflection.
You don’t see what I see, When you close your eyes.
You don’t think what I think,
When your thoughts wander.
You don’t dream what I dream, When you try to sleep at night.
Unlike me you stayed at home, Unlike me you don’t have to face,
The killer in the mirror!

We see people differently, and I pray that they don’t see,
What I have to see . . .
Every time I close my eyes, every time I dream at night,
Every time I look upon,
The killer in the mirror!

Written by our own “Above The Rest” brother, Erick gives us his firsthand account of his tour with B Company, 1/327th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division.

This book is NOT available through the 327th Web Site PX. However, Author House or Amazon are sources.


1 review for Toll of War/Vietnam

  1. John H Farr

    Well worth the read from one who was there, 1 C / 327 65 – 66. (From the “Boat”)

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